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Calvin Smith: Atheists Love to Boast This So-Called ‘Proof’ of Evolution

Atheists LOVE to boast this so-called “proof” for evolution, but there’s just one problem… In this video, Calvin Smith exposes the exaggerated nature of evolutionists’ stories, and emphasizes the reliability of the biblical creation account.

Calvin Smith: Sorry, Evolutionists… This Destroys Your Views on Dinosaurs

Sorry, evolutionists: this DESTROYS your views on dinosaurs… In this video, Calvin Smith continues to discuss why certain dinosaur fossils that have been discovered completely rule out the idea that they all died out millions of...



Calvin Smith: Evidence Dinosaurs Did NOT Die Out Millions of Years Ago

Mind-blowing evidence dinosaurs did NOT die out millions of years ago… In this video, Calvin Smith discusses why certain dinosaur fossils that have been...

Calvin Smith: Debunking All Of The Best ‘Proof’ Of Evolution In 12 Minutes

DEBUNKING all of the best so-called “proof” of evolution… In this video, Calvin Smith goes over each major “proof,” exposes the issues with them,...

Calvin Smith: Sorry, Atheists: ‘Rapid Evolution’ Is NOT Real

Sorry, atheists: “rapid evolution” is NOT real… In this video, Calvin Smith discusses the lack of scientific evidence for evolution, and responds to some...

Calvin Smith: Why The Nature Of DNA Cannot Be Explained Without God

Evolutionists will HATE this video about DNA… In this episode of Rewinding Paley’s Watch, Calvin Smith reveals why the nature of DNA cannot be...

Calvin Smith: The Bible Reveals The Truth About Dinosaurs

There is SO much about dinosaurs that evolutionists do NOT want you to find out about… Calvin Smith, the Executive Director of Answers in...

Even TOP Evolutionists Won’t Deny This Evidence for God

Not even TOP evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins will deny this evidence for God… In this video, Calvin Smith discusses the incredible complexity seen...

Calvin Smith: The Bible Explains Way More About Race and Racism Than People Realize…

In this presentation, Calvin Smith, the Executive Director of Answers in Genesis–Canada, looks to the Bible to answer many key questions about race and...

Calvin Smith: Canadian Gives a Warning for Christians in America

If America continues on its path, things are not going to look good for Christians… Calvin Smith, the Executive Director of Answers in Genesis–Canada,...

Calvin Smith: Common Argument For Evolution Dismantled With Science

This argument atheists commonly use to “prove” evolution has been scientifically disproven… In this video, Calvin Smith encourages us to think critically about how...

Calvin Smith: Evolution vs God’s Handiwork

THIS plant species will make you believe in God… In this episode of Amazing Animals, Calvin Smith teaches us about bee orchids, and uses...

Calvin Smith: Sorry, Evolutionists: Bees Destroy Your Entire Worldview

Join Calvin Smith as he delves into the intricate world of bees, showcasing their astonishing design and intelligence. Witness first-hand how these incredible creatures...

Calvin Smith: The Undeniable Truth That Evolutionists Are Twisting Science

Calvin Smith sheds light on the distorted narratives propagated by some evolutionists and guides viewers back to an accurate understanding of science. Arm yourself...

Calvin Smith: What is Causing Countless People To Doubt The Bible?

Discover the one thing that is causing an enormous amount of people to doubt the Bible. In this video, Calvin Smith discusses the dangers...

Calvin Smith: Atheists Are Offended and We Are Not Sorry

This video features Calvin Smith discussing whether Christians should be concerned about offending others. Is it acceptable to do so, or should Christians refrain...

Calvin Smith: Evolutionists, You’ve Been Caught Lying About Fossils

Calvin Smith has unearthed a lie that has been in front of our eyes since primary school: fish float; they don’t sink. Fossils are...

Calvin Smith: Why The Battle For Biblical Authority Is A Matter Of Its Historicity

Why the battle for biblical authority is a matter of its historicity. The ‘heavenly things’ the Bible teaches are based on the ‘earthly things’...

Calvin Smith: Design Indicates A Designer

An Inukshuk is a Canadian symbol that generally means “In the Likeness of Humans.” Calvin Smith explores the question, “Why don’t these rock formations...

Calvin Smith: Open To Interpretation? Why The Plain Reading Of Scripture Matters

Does your interpretation of the Bible matter? Can Christians believe whatever they want about Genesis? Calvin Smith looks at what interpretation mistakes Christians can...

Calvin Smith: Christians, Don’t Make This Blunder When Debating An Atheist

As Christians, God directs us not to answer the fool according to their folly. Many Christians are at a loss in combatting the atheistic...

Calvin Smith: How Atheism Is the WEAKEST Worldview

Atheism is the weakest worldview. Calvin Smith breaks down why atheists can’t be angry that God exists... they can’t be certain of anything at...

Calvin Smith: Jesus wasn’t a ‘New Testament Christian’

Calvin Smith discusses how the idea that Christians can somehow untether their faith from the Old Testament is not only wrong, it conflicts with Jesus’ teachings.

Calvin Smith: Micro Machines — Inside Living Things: Evolution vs Kinesin Protein

In this video, Calvin Smith takes a deep dive into the amazing kinesin protein. Unfortunately, evolutionists will claim that this protein is the result...

Calvin Smith: Interpreting Scripture Through A Scientific Lens (Part 3)

Calvin discusses how the secular geological concept of neo-catastrophism, although closer to the truth, fails to explain the physical evidence found around the world.

Calvin Smith: Interpreting Scripture Through A Scientific Lens (Part 2)

Calvin Smith discusses how modern geologists have began recognizing that many facts found in the geologic record seemed to support rapid catastrophic processes having occurred in the past.

Calvin Smith: Interpreting Scripture Through A Scientific Lens (Part 1)

In this episode of the GREAT Conversations Podcast, host Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) discusses how interpreting scripture through a supposed scientific lens of long ages dismantled biblical history.

Calvin Smith: Exposing the Absurd LACK of Scientific Evidence for Evolution

From its inception, the scientific “proofs” offered to support evolution have been riddled with holes. For example, many of the so-called “ape-man” fossils have...

Calvin Smith: Evolution = No God

Western world missionaries need to be equipped with biblical creation apologetics training

Calvin Smith Podcast: Christians Casting Compromised Nets

The most corrosive and damaging ideology affecting gospel witness has been the story of evolution, by tearing holes in the sin and grace aspects of the gospel presentation through the diminishing of individual moral culpability and biblical authority.

Calvin Smith: Exposing The Irrationality Of An Evolutionist’s Philosophy

Far from what many people might think is by far the weakest of worldviews, which is likely why God's Word says: The fool says...

Calvin Smith: A Worldview Which Relies On Conjecture Over Facts?

Evolutionists have recently avoided basing their findings on observation or repeatable outcomes. When it comes to this bacteria, it is obvious that evolutionists would...

Calvin Smith: Most Atheists ‘Don’t Have A Position On God’?

Most atheists don’t have a position on God. Are they still atheists, then? Calvin Smith investigates.

Calvin Smith: Is The Math Really In Support Of Evolution, Or A Creator?

The only difference between a monkey and Shakespeare is time? Calvin Smith investigates the amount of time it would take for evolutionary processes to...

Calvin Smith Podcast: Canada Condones Death

In this episode of the GREAT Conversations Podcast, host Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) discusses how Canada is at the...

Calvin Smith: Compromise Is Unraveling The Church

Christianity is under attack on all fronts, including believers themselves. Calvin Smith dissects the reason for the waning support for Christianity and how Christians...

Calvin Smith: Philosophers Have ‘Proved’ Why Murder Is Permissible?

There is no absolute truth that governs this world. We should be able to do what we want, and that’s our business. What right...

Calvin Smith: Our Culture Has A Twisted And Distorted Worldview

What was once a culture based on Christian Values, has turned into a circus of varying degrees of morality that no one can agree...

Calvin Smith: Are You Ready To Give An Answer?

The secular world filters all of their attacks on God’s Word through their worldview. Calvin Smith breaks down the steps on how to combat...

Calvin Smith Podcast: Denying Creation Dehumanizes People

In this episode of the GREAT Conversations Podcast, host Calvin Smith (the Director of Answers in Genesis CA) discusses how denying biblical creation dehumanizes...

Calvin Smith: Are So-Called ‘Vestigial Organs’ Proof Of Evolution?

Many living organisms alongside humans are considered to have degraded organs within their bodies that were once functional in our evolutionary past. If this...

Calvin Smith: Can You Understand Salvation Without The Old Testament?

Calvin Smith walks us through the clues to the most valuable treasure of our lifetime.

Calvin Smith: Our Modern Society Has Developed An Expertise Of Spinning Half-Truths

Our modern society has developed an expertise of spinning half-truths, asserting personal interpretation as fact, and convoluting our core beliefs. We know that Christians...

Calvin Smith: Elites Paid a Huge Reward to Answer the BIGGEST Question in Science

VOX, the Voices from Oxford, set up a competition of a lifetime: scientists must prove that evolutionary processes can create the most complicated code...

Calvin Smith: Don’t Fall For The Trap Of Moral Relativism

Moral relativism governs our world. It means that everyone should mind their own business and not express opinions about another person’s beliefs. In a...

Calvin Smith: Christians, THIS Is How to Answer Atheists

In this video, Calvin Smith goes over a potent yet often overlooked passage in the book of Proverbs that will give any Christian a...

Calvin Smith: Could It Be Chance Or Design?

In this video, we feature a creature whose abilities and attributes are somehow perfectly attuned to the environment they live in. Could it be...

Calvin Smith: Christian Parents, Stop Avoiding This Topic…

Tom Holland, an impassioned Evolutionist, didn’t believe Adam and Eve lived with dinosaurs when he was a child. He still doesn’t because science contradicts...

Calvin Smith: The Secrets of Evolution Are ‘Time and…’ What?!

Famous evolutionist Carl Sagan made a wild claim about the secrets of evolution... but is he right? In this video, Calvin Smith analyzes a...

Calvin Smith: Are YOU Falling for This Sneaky Lie from Atheists?

Atheists claim these things are evidence of evolution—but are they really? In this video, Calvin Smith reveals a number of sneaky, dangerous lies atheists...

Calvin Smith: Was There Really A ‘Land Before Time’?

Children’s minds are malleable, but most of all, trusting. Hollywood has veiled the story of evolution behind television shows and movies that appeal to...

Calvin Smith: Living Things Exhibit Design — And That Design Isn’t ‘Simple’

We can often belittle the importance of things by how we describe them. If this is the case, then evolutionists are masters of the...

Calvin Smith: Could Belief In Evolution Be Linked To Youth Suicide?

When we follow the implications of evolution to its end, it leads to nothing but dismal hopelessness, and we’ve been seeing these tragic effects of evolution for a long time now.