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Barry Stagner

Barry Stagner is the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Tustin, located in California. Barry does regular Q&As, Roundtables, and Conferences discussing the Truth about God and Bible Prophecy.

Barry Stagner: Line Up — UN Calls for 2-State Solution; U.S. Warned Israel to Fight Surgically in Gaza

IDF shells targets in southern Lebanon; Expert on Middle East: “Arabs consider hostage deal as ‘hudna,’ Israel’s surrender’; UN Calls for 2-State Solution to Israel Conflict; U.S. Has Warned Israel to Fight More Surgically in Gaza;...

Barry Stagner: Rightly Dividing the Word

Gain insights on avoiding divisive arguments and focusing instead on displaying the fruit of the Spirit. Discover a Biblical test for assurance of your salvation and the importance of obedience even when it's difficult.



Barry Stagner: The Latest On Israel And Other Bible Prophecy Related Events

IDF finds hostage photos on laptops at Shifa Hospital; First signs of possible IDF activity in southern Gaza; Mujahideen Issues France a Final Warning:...

Barry Stagner: Unentangled

We should remain unentangled from the affairs of this world, be strong in faith despite opposition, find others to teach the gospel, and discipline...

The War in Israel: with Barry Stagner & Amir Tsarfati

Pastor Barry and Amir Tsarfati discuss current events in Israel and how they relate to Biblical prophecy. Key topics include the recent attacks in...

Barry Stagner: Essentials For Last Days Living — Genuine Faith

Genuine faith starts with belief in Jesus Christ and leads to love for God, obedience to His commandments, and victory over the world through...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — The War in Israel

Israeli forces ‘deep in the Strip, at the gates of Gaza City’; Hamas official: We will repeat Oct. 7 attacks over and over again...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Hamas-Israel War, Palestinian Rallies, IDF In Gaza

Biden calls for ‘concentrated effort’ toward future two-state solution; U.S. sees spike in antisemitic incidents since Hamas-Israel war; UC Berkeley class offers credit for...

Barry Stagner: Living Fearlessly During Perilous Times

As believers, we can live fearlessly during perilous times. Living fearlessly comes from remembering who we belong to as God's children and having confidence...

Barry Stagner: In That Day

Understanding Prophecy in Light of Current Events in Israel.

Barry Stagner: Iran Delivers Ominous Warning, Russia’s Exploitation, Antisemitic Americans

Iran Delivers Ominous Warning After Gaza Hospital Explosion claiming that 'time is up.’; Israeli Forces Found ‘Iranian-Made’ Mortars; ‘Russia will exploit Gaza war to...


Barry Stagner: Line Up — Israel War Update

Join Pastor Barry Stagner for a special edition of the Line Up — Israel War Update

Barry Stagner: Israel War Update; Hamas Calls For Global Jihad, Invasion Of Israel

Israel War Update; Hamas calls for global Jihad, invasion of Israel, attack Jews worldwide on Oct. 13; Huge Michigan crowd cheers Palestine after Hamas...

When You See the Day Approaching — Pastor Mark Henry, Jan Markell, and Pastor Barry Stagner

This is the Understanding the Times October, 2023 one-night event in Minneapolis featuring Pastor Barry Stagner, Jan Markell, and Pastor Mark Henry. The three...

The Line Up: The War in Israel with Barry Stagner & Amir Tsarfati

Tune in as Amir Tsarfati joins Pastor Barry to discuss the War in Israel that erupted this weekend.

Can You Hear the Hoofbeats? – Jan Markell & Pastor Barry Stagner

Jan Markell talks to Pastor Barry Stagner for the hour. The hoof beats of the Four Horsemen are in the distance and are revealed...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — China’s Economic Collapse, US Warning

China’s economic collapse carries a warning about US future; EU and China may 'drift apart' due to political tensions and economic disputes; Oil Headed...

Barry Stagner: Faith Under Fire

In this message, we delve into Revelation 2:12-17, where Jesus addresses the church in Pergamum. Despite facing persecution in a city known for Satan's...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Global Food & Financial Crises and Much More

House Committee Passes Bill to Ban FED from Creating a CBDC; Federal Reserve announces new system for instant payments, the FedNow® Service, is now...

Barry Stagner: True to the End

The Christian life is one of constant action and reaction, fleeing sin and pursuing righteousness. We must guard the faith entrusted to us until...

Barry Stagner: Full Time Service — 1 Timothy 6:1-10

We are to have dedicated service to God in all aspects of life. Insights from 1 Timothy 6 shed light on work ethic and...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Wagner Leader’s Death, Economy Warning, Uterus Transplants

Wagner Group says leader Prigozhin killed in plane crash; Israel approves expansion of natural gas exports to Egypt; 'Dr. Doom' Nouriel Roubini says China...

Barry Stagner: The Calling

Pastoring isn't merely a job; it's a divine calling. In this message from 1 Timothy 5:17-25 we explore leadership qualifications, managing discipline, handling accusations...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Ruble Decline, Israeli Pilots’ Stand, ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse

50,000 mosques have closed in Iran; The ruble takes a dive, underscoring pressure on Russia’s war economy; Israeli Air Force pilots reportedly warn they...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Nasa’s Deadly Strike, Palm Scanners, US Red Sea Deployment

Nasa asteroid strike unleashes boulder storm ‘as deadly as Hiroshima’; Baffled Scientists Detect Massive Unexplained Radiation From the Sun; Whole Foods Allows Customers To...

Barry Stagner: True Religion

As believers, we are to love and respect all ages within the church, care for family, and allow God to be involved in every...

What’s Going on in Israel? – Pastor Barry Stagner & Amir Tsarfati

Join Pastor Barry and Amir Tsarfati for a detailed discussion about what’s going on in Israel. Judicial reform – What is it, and how...

Barry Stagner: Dead or Alive

When our actions align with our beliefs, they are a powerful testimony of a vibrant, living faith, while faith devoid of works remains lifeless.

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Taiwan Prayers, UK’s Wagner Group, US Truth Ministry, Alien Tech

40,000 Revival Prayer Groups Rise Up in Taiwan amid Threats of War from China; UK lawmakers say Wagner Group is like an ‘international criminal...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — North Korea Missile, Biden’s Reveal, Teen ‘Hate Speech’

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile After Allegations on US Spy Planes; Biden Reveals Sensitive U.S. Military Information in Live Interview; Teen Girl Accused of...

Awaiting His Return Conference Honolulu

We invite you to join Amir Tsarfati, Mike Golay, and Pastor Barry Stagner in Honolulu for an encouraging time of teachings on Bible prophecy,...

Q&A: Awaiting His Return Conference Honolulu

We invite you to join Amir Tsarfati, Mike Golay, and Pastor Barry Stagner in Honolulu for an encouraging time of teachings on Bible prophecy,...

Barry Stagner: Awaiting His Return Conference Honolulu

We invite you to join Amir Tsarfati, Mike Golay, and Pastor Barry Stagner in Honolulu for an encouraging time of teachings on Bible prophecy,...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — IDF Strikes Lebanon, Ukraine Nuclear Prep, Biden Sun-Blocking

IDF strikes targets in Lebanon after rocket launch; Ukraine 'Preparing For Nuclear Explosion’; Fukushima Nuclear Plant Plan to Dump Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean;...

Barry Stagner: One Nation Under God

Christians are called to be involved in government and vote for leaders who will uphold Godly values and punish evil, in order to help...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up – Netanyahu’s China Visit, Biden’s BDS Stance, Controversies

Netanyahu to visit China amid deteriorating relations with Biden administration; Biden administration is ‘embracing BDS movement’; LGBT Activists Say ‘We’re Coming For Your Children’...

Barry Stagner: Something for Everyone

Join Pastor Barry Stagner of Calvary Chapel Tustin for his teaching “Something for Everyone”

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Geopolitical Tensions, Digital Currencies and Controversial Views

Hezbollah sets up camp inside Israeli territory; International Monetary Fund director says working hard on global digital currency; UN plans digital ID linked to...

Barry Stagner: One or the Other

Uncover the profound implications of aligning our beliefs with God's truth versus challenging His authority. This enlightening journey navigates the crucial decision between embracing...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Global Tensions: Nuclear Bombs, Military Deployments, and A.I. Preaching

Belarus receives nuclear bombs ‘three times size of Hiroshima bomb’ from Russia; U.S. deploys F-22s to Middle East in response to ‘unsafe’ Russian aircraft...

Barry Stagner: Until He Comes

There is only one truth that can save a soul and only one group called to proclaim it.

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Israel’s Response, WEF’s Car Limit, Pride Flag Incident

Israel Responds To Iranian Claim Of Achieving Hypersonic Missiles; WEF document calls for limiting ‘private car use, by 2050; One third of Gen Z...

Barry Stagner: Evidence of Saving Faith

Faith is demonstrated through consistent actions aligned with our beliefs, accepting the sovereignty and authority of the divine, and showing respect and reverence for...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Children’s ‘Drag Makeovers’, NASA’s UFO Meeting

Medvedev says UK Politicians a Legitimate Military Target; Could Erdogan’s win have prophetic implications?; Destruction of farming is front and center in the fight...

Barry Stagner: The Same, Only Different — 1 Timothy 2:8-15

Join Pastor Barry Stagner of Calvary Chapel Tustin with his latest edition of his teaching series “nothing but the truth”

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — WHO, Target, Dems Attack Parental Rights

Christian teacher who 'misgendered' student banned from profession; Democrats to parents everywhere: Your kids belong to US, not you!; Target CEO says woke capitalism...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — King Charles is not the Antichrist, Religious Persecution

Four reasons why we know King Charles is not the Antichrist; World likely to see hottest year on record in next 5 years, UN...

Barry Stagner: Nothing But the Truth

Nothing will benefit us more in life than obeying the Word of God.

Barry Stagner: The Line Up— Israel Ready For Multi-Front War Against Iran Proxies

Netanyahu: Israel ready for multi-front war against Iran and terror proxies; Wall Street Journal says, The Deep State Is All Too Real; Biden Admin...

Barry Stagner: Resistance Training

When our life goal is god’s glory, our adversary will always suffer defeat.

Barry Stagner: The Line Up— Putin Survives Drone Attack, US Losing War, JP Morgan’s Green Energy Plan

Moscow Says Putin Unscathed After Ukrainian Drones Target Kremlin; Military expert says, Depleting military supplies in Israel will lead to the US losing the...

Barry Stagner: The Good Warfare

Trust in the authority and life-changing power of the Gospel.

Barry Stagner: The Line Up— Israel’s 75th Independence Day Political Turmoil, Tensions, Sudan Lab & More

Israel ushers in 75th Independence Day in the shadow of political upheaval; Palestinian Authority: Israel' playing with fire' at Temple Mount; Dems call for...