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Ken Ham


Ken Ham Absolutely Dismantles Evolution In 25 Minutes

Watch Ken Ham absolutely dismantle evolution in 25 minutes. In this presentation, Ken Ham discusses major issues with the idea of evolution, ranging from the lack of observational science to the massive sense of purposelessness it...

Ken Ham: The Best Answer to Where Cain Got His Wife

One of the most common questions Ken Ham gets asked is, “Where did Cain get his wife?” Fortunately, the Bible has a lot to say about this topic.



Ken Ham: If The Bible Isn’t Your Foundation… You Will Fall Prey To Countless Lies

If the Bible isn’t your foundation, terrible things will happen. In this video, Ken Ham gives a presentation on the importance of making sure...

The Incredible Story Of Answers In Genesis’ Founders

In this video, Answers in Genesis’ founders Ken Ham, Mark Looy, and Mike Zovath talk about how they all met one another, their travel...

Ken Ham: This Is The Answer to Racism According to the Bible

This is THE answer to racism according to the Bible, and it’s simpler than many people realize. In this presentation, Ken Ham shows us...

Ken Ham Responds To Well-Known Atheist And Evolutionist

In this video, Ken Ham responds to Alex O’Connor’s latest video, where he calls out Ken Ham and asks a number of questions about...

Ken Ham: Why Many Of Our Attempts To Share The Gospel Fall Flat

Ken Ham explains why many of our attempts to share the gospel fall flat at the Answers for Pastors 2023 conference at the Ark...

Ken Ham Clashes With Bill Nye In Public Debate

Did God create the heavens and earth in six days, or did the universe evolve over the course of billions of years? In this...

Ken Ham: Your Worldview — If It’s Not Biblical, It’s Wrong!

Why is church attendance decreasing SO drastically? In this presentation, Ken Ham discusses the mass exodus that churches are experiencing in Western society and...

Ken Ham: Joe Rogan Asks Why God Allows So Much Suffering & Death

Many people criticize God for allowing so much death and suffering in the world, but is that a valid complaint? In this video, Ken...

Ken Ham: How to EFFECTIVELY Evangelize In a Secular Culture

Western society is becoming increasingly morally corrupt. In this presentation, Ken Ham reveals why this is happening and how we can EFFECTIVELY evangelize in...

Ken Ham: Raising Christian Children Who Know What They Believe And Why They Believe It

This one issue is DESTROYING western society. In this presentation, Ken Ham discusses how Christian parents can leave a Godly legacy, and how we...

Ken Ham: Are You Protecting Your Children From Indoctrination?

Are you raising your children in the truth? Are you protecting them from indoctrination? In this presentation, Ken Ham reveals why the younger generation...

Ken Ham: We Cannot Trust These Christian Leaders Anymore

We CANNOT trust these popular Christian leaders anymore. In this video, Ken Ham reacts to and exposes several well-known Christian leaders who abandoned God’s...

Ken Ham: Here’s How Secularists Are TARGETING Our Children

Discover the strategy secularists are using to target our children. In this presentation, Ken Ham teaches us about how and why secularists are attacking...

Ken Ham: The Culture Has Invaded The Church

We’re seeing more young people leave the church than ever before. Why is our culture abandoning God and the church at such an alarming...

Ken Ham on the Hope He Clings to During Hardship

In this video, Avery Foley interviews Ken Ham on how he’s personally dealt with death and suffering in his family, and how he’s been...

Ken Ham: What We Must Do to Combat Our Culture’s Godlessness

Our society is leaving the things of God behind more and more. In this presentation, Ken Ham discusses the many issues that arise when...

Ken Ham: This Is the POWER of a Biblical Worldview

We face many issues in our culture, such as racism, homosexuality, and abortion. What many people don’t realize is that all of these issues...