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Brent Smith


Brent Smith: The Vicious Cycle Begins — Judges 2:11-3:31

After Joshua, the Israelites drifted away from the Lord. They knew about God but had no interest in really serving God and Him alone. This led them down an unfortunate spiral of sin and the suffering...

Brent Smith: Called And Sent — Matthew 9:35-10:10

Jesus saw the people as sheep with no shepherd. The religious leaders should have been shepherding them, but they were like wolves preying upon them. The Good Shepherd was now in their midst, but the people...



Brent Smith: A Preview and Perspective of Judges — Judges 1:1-2:10

Partial obedience amounts to disobedience. The consequences of a small compromise reached multiple generations. God wants our cooperation and partnership. He wants this to...

Brent Smith: Healing In His Wings — Matthew 9:18-34

Jesus has the power to heal and save. It’s not great faith that’s needed, it’s just simple faith in a great God.

Brent Smith: The Testimony of Israel

Israel continues to be an important part of God's plan today and in the days to come.

Brent Smith: New Wine And Old Wineskins — Matthew 9:14-17

Jesus came to bring something new, not patch up the old. The law had its purpose, there’s still value in it today, but once...

Brent Smith: Jesus Came To Save Sinners — Matthew 9:1-13

Apart from Christ, you are crippled in the paralysis of sin. But when you choose to put your trust in Jesus and walk ine...

Brent Smith: Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve — Joshua 24

Like Israel, we’ve all heard of God’s faithfulness, but we’ve also heard of the consequences of our unfaithfulness. God has called us to be...

Brent Smith: Discipleship, Difficulties and Demons — Matthew 8:14-34

Jesus simply asks His disciples, ‘Why are you fearful?’ Now we can all think of at least a few reasons why fear might get...

Brent Smith: The Healing Power of Jesus — Matthew 8:1-13

Sin is not something we treat as though it were a minor surface problem or skin irritation. We are sinners in need of a...

Brent Smith: God’s Faithfulness and Our Obedience — Joshua 23

Joshua warns the people that those things that may seem alluring and may look innocent will turn out to be a snare and a...

Brent Smith: Why Do You Seek The Living Among The Dead? — Luke 24:1-12

Resurrection Sunday reveals the reality that Jesus is not merely a hero of the past, but Jesus is our living hope of the present!...

Brent Smith: 7 Sayings From The Cross

As we look at what Jesus spoke from the cross, we begin to see why He was so ready to go to the cross....

Brent Smith: Right Route, Wrong Root — Matthew 7:13-20

The root determines the fruit. If the root is bad, the fruit cannot be good. If a person is truly rooted in Christ, then...

Brent Smith: How To Treat Others — Matthew 7:1-12

The problem of the human heart is that we tend to think of ourselves much better than we truly are, overlook sin in our...

Brent Smith: Why Worry? — Matthew 6:25-34

Stop worrying about your little kingdom, and start living according to His Kingdom. Put your eternal rewards ahead of anything this world can offer....

Brent Smith: This Land Is God’s Land — Joshua 12-14

God had given the land of Israel to His people and called them to claim the full land. In the same way, Jesus has...

Brent Smith: Where Is Your Treasure? — Matthew 6:16-24

Jesus shows us that we cannot serve both God and money. We like to think we can have a healthy compromise, but one master...

Brent Smith: Teach Us To Pray — Matthew 6:9-15

God is ruling over all from a heavenly perspective. And when we pray we get to approach Him and gain that same heavenly perspective...

Brent Smith: Secret Service — Matthew 6:1-8

Nothing you do for the Lord will be done in vain. God sees all, even when it’s done in secret. He sees and He...

Brent Smith: Be Perfect? — Matthew 5:43-48

We don’t have to feel beat down and offended by threats or hurts against us if we are truly following Jesus and allowing Him...

Prophecy Update 2024 — Brent Smith, Randy Dyck, & Kade Hawkins

Pastor Brent, Randy, and guest speaker Kade Hawkins take a look at various news and current events in Israel and around the world and...

Brent Smith: Wise Men Still Seek Him — Matthew 2:1-12

We celebrate Jesus’ willingness to give up the blessing of heaven and come to this world as one of us, but we would be...

Brent Smith: The True Intent of the Law — Matthew 5:21-32

Jesus is beginning to show the Kingdom way is a matter of the heart. There needs to be a work done inwardly. Realizing we...

Brent Smith: What A Day — Joshua 9-10

There will be times that we look at our mistakes and think that we’ve just totally blown it. But yet God took Joshua’s blunder...

Brent Smith: Salt & Light — Matthew 5:13-20

Christians need to conduct themselves in a way where all that they are doing, and the way that they are living, is simply reflecting...

Brent Smith: The Beatitudes — Matthew 5:1-12

The Blessed life that Jesus points out is so foreign and contrary to what the world values. It’s even more so today. But Jesus...

In News Surrounding Israel | Prophecy Round Table

Friends of Israel Conference 2023 — In News Surrounding Israel | Prophecy Round Table

The Glorious Gospel | Brent Smith

Friends of Israel Conference 2023 — The Glorious Gospel | Brent Smith

Brent Smith: Lessons Learned At Ai — Joshua 7-8

Israel had to be conquered by God before they could go and conquer. God’s conquering comes by our dying to the flesh. When we...

Brent Smith: Why We Support Israel

Pastor Brent explains why Riverside supports Israel. When we say we support Israel, we do so from a biblical position and understand that this...

Brent Smith: Jericho Down — John 5-6

We can often feel like we’re just going in circles with little hope. But in the process God is teaching us to walk by...

Brent Smith: Jesus’ Ministry Begins — Matthew 4:12-25

Have you chosen today to follow Jesus? Have you counted the cost of discipleship? Discipleship is truly costly, but it’s worth every penny. Death...

Brent Smith: The Temptation of Jesus — Matthew 4:1-11

The devil will tempt us, but we don’t have to fall prey to the attacks against our flesh. Know the Word. The only offensive...

Brent Smith: Crossing The Jordan — Joshua 3-4

God worked in a way where He would exalt Joshua. But this was not to make Joshua great, it was to show the greatness...

Brent Smith: The Baptism of Jesus — Matthew 3:13-17

Are you pleased in the Son? Have you found your rest, righteousness and life in Him? If the Father is pleased with Him, then...

Brent Smith: A Brief History of Israel and the Middle East Conflict

This is an excerpt from our Midweek sermon. Pastor Brent explains about the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the biblical perspective Christians should...

Brent Smith: Preparing The Way — Matthew 3:1-12

The kingdom of heaven is at hand. It can mean peace and blessing to those who will receive King Jesus. Or it will be...

Brent Smith: Redemption In Jericho — Joshua 2:1-24

Rahab had to exercise great faith and courage in trusting these spies. She had to have faith and courage in telling her family about...

Brent Smith: Be Strong In The Lord — Joshua 1:1-18

We are starting our new sermon series on the book of Joshua. Joshua was commissioned to lead the Israelites into the promised land after...

Brent Smith: The Arrival of the King — Matthew 1:18-25

Jesus came from heaven to earth to save us from our sins. He is God with us: Immanuel. Have you relied solely on Jesus...

Brent Smith: In The Family — Matthew 1:1-17

Jesus’ genealogy is full of people who lived messy lives. It reveals to us that we do not need to wait to clean ourselves...

Brent Smith: Self-Examination — 2 Corinthians 13:1-6

Christians are called to truly examine whether they are in the faith. A true follower of Christ will show evidence of a transformed life...

Brent Smith: Strength in Suffering — 2 Corinthians 12:7-13

Our prickly problems in life don’t need to be viewed as curses to be removed, but rather blessings to be received as we learn...