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Jack Hibbs

Jack Hibbs is the senior and founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, located in Chino, California. Today, the church ministers weekly to over ten thousand people on campus and to millions worldwide through daily media outreach programs.

Jack Hibbs: The History of Faith (Part 4) — Hebrews 11:17-19

Real faith acts as an accelerant to ignite the mind and the heart toward discovery. Real faith drives the engine of human curiosity. Real faith will never be found idling.

The Power of Love — Jack Hibbs And The Meguiars

Putting God first and loving others second offers the most fulfilling path in life, leading to genuine joy even amidst struggles. In this encouraging episode, Pastor Jack and the Meguiars share a candid conversation about life,...



Jack Hibbs: This is How What Happens (Part 2) — Romans 10:16-17

Discover the power of hearing God's Word and putting it into action. Uncover biblical truths that can transform your life and empower you to...

Jack Hibbs: If We Can Keep It — Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for his message: "If We Can Keep It"

A High Calling — Jack Hibbs And Captain Dennis Wheeler

On this special episode, Pastor Jack discusses the high calling of our nation's military chaplains with Captain Dennis Wheeler, U.S. Navy Chaplain. Captain Wheeler...

Jack Hibbs: This is How What Happens — Romans 10:13-17

Dive into the heart-stirring truths that ignite a passion for the gospel. Uncover the simplicity and urgency behind sharing the Good News of salvation...

Jack Hibbs: It Happened…Again

What did one state in our nation do recently that has triggered the leftists, liberals, and civil liberties groups across the country? Do states...

Jack Hibbs: How To Know You Are Living In The Last Days

People all around us want to know if the events they are seeing in the news are indicators that the world is coming to...

Jack Hibbs: Free Speech (Part 2) —Romans 10:5-13

Are you ready to stand up for righteousness in these critical times? Discover the importance of sharing the life-giving message of Jesus Christ with...

History of Faith – Part 3 (Hebrews 11:17-19)

Strengthen your trust in God's past faithfulness and His plans. Gain insight into enduring faith during difficult times and how to trust God fully...

A California Revolution? — Jack Hibbs And Steve Hilton

Pastor Jack sits down to discuss California's past, present, and future with Steve Hilton. Steve Hilton was the senior policy and strategy advisor to...

Jack Hibbs: Free Speech (Romans 10:5-13)

Understand God's perspective on free speech and how to confess Christ as Lord in a way that transforms your life.

Jack Hibbs: The Dangers of American Universities

What are the Dangers of Sending Your Children to American Universities?

Jack Hibbs: Demon Activity On The Rise?

Is demonic activity increasing in our world? Did the Bible say this would happen and what are we, as Christians, to do about it?...

Jack Hibbs: Why Should Christians be Involved in Politics?

If we don't engage, we are complicit in the destruction against the will of God. Have you noticed how much you are funding abortion?...

Jack Hibbs: The History of Faith – (Part 2) Hebrews 11:13-16

Live your life now in a very large way for Christ, for if you do, you will obtain for yourself an equally large forever.

Jack Hibbs: The Jew in You — Roman 10:1-4

Is there a Biblical Argument for Israel’s Salvation, Restoration, Grace and acceptance of the Messiah?

Jack Hibbs: Who Has Freedom Of Speech? (Part 2)

Is free speech truly free if it disrupts societal order? Join us as we continue our conversation on what’s happening around the country on...

Jack Hibbs: The Hope Of Heaven

In the Book of Romans, the apostle Paul presents a compelling argument for the case of Heaven. In today’s episode of Real Life TV...

Jack Hibbs: The History of Faith (Part 1) — Hebrews 11:8-12

Do worries and fears sometimes threaten to overwhelm you? Developing a foundation of faith in God can stabilize your life when emotions run high...

Jack Hibbs: What Do You Have To Say? (Romans 9:30-33)

Clarity to the relationship of divine election and the offer of salvation found in faith alone, in Christ alone.

Jack Hibbs: Who Has Freedom Of Speech? (Part 1)

Who has access to the First Amendment? Where does it come from? What is it for? Who gets to enjoy its protections and what...

Jack Hibbs: The Only Kind of Faith That Works (Part 3) — Hebrews 11:5-7

Living righteously condemns disobedience, pleases God, and empowers your faith.

Jack Hibbs: Israel — The Ultimate Target (Isaiah 55:1-13 & Jeremiah)

Is all that is happening in the Middle East a coincidence? Does the existence of Israel prove the existence of God? Does Israel prove...

Jack Hibbs Urges Christians to Pray for Israel on May 19

Jack Hibbs, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, highlights the upcoming Pray For and Stand With Israel Sunday on May 19 and explains...

Teachers Don’t Lie — Jessica Tapia & Jack Hibbs

We are back with Jessica Tapia and her attorney from Advocates For Faith and Freedom as they share a special update on Jessica's court...

Jack Hibbs: The Only Kind of Faith That Works (Part 2) — Hebrews 11:1-7

Living by biblical faith is how we lay hold of or receive the promises of God given to us in Scripture.

Daze of Deception and Intolerance Toward True Christians — David Fiorazo & Jack Hibbs

Pastor Jack Hibbs and David discuss growing intolerance toward the biblical worldview, Hibbs' new book, “Living in the Daze of Deception,” why Jack's opening...

Jack Hibbs: You Don’t Have To Make Mistakes

Research says that the average person makes 33,000 to 35,000 decisions per day! As believers, what is the tried and true way to make...

Jack Hibbs: The Only Kind of Faith That Works — Hebrews 11:1-3

This passage provides crystal clear insight into what it means to be a faith-based individual versus someone who claims Spirituality.

Jack Hibbs: What is Happening on American College Campuses?

Students have been wearing traditional Middle Eastern head coverings called keffiyehs while chanting slogans like "Death to America," "Death to Israel," "From the river...

Jack Hibbs: God’s Good-Good Sovereignty (Part 3) — Romans 9:22-29

God’s Good - Good Sovereignty is rooted in His character, anchored to His Justice and established in His purposes.

Jack Hibbs: God, To Whom Vengeance Belongs

Follow along as Pastor Jack reads through the ancient Psalm 94 and see how it applies perfectly to today's world that we are living...

Jack Hibbs: God’s Good-Good Sovereignty (Part 2) — Romans 9:14-29

God is sovereign and in control, but He also gives humanity free will to choose Him. May we run to God for salvation, confess...

Jack Hibbs: Apostasy or Reality – Where Are You? (Part 5) — Hebrews 10:31-39

As believers, we must persevere in our faith despite hardships and attacks. We must resist Satan and temptation through faith, prayer, and obedience to...

Jack Hibbs: ‘Cake’ or ‘Steak’

With our world seeming to be upside down and all ways of crazy, how are we to plan our lives and manage our God-given...

Jack Hibbs: God’s Good – Good Sovereignty (Romans 9:14-29)

God's sovereignty is rooted in His righteous character and exercised through mercy and compassion.

Jack Hibbs: Where Are We?

Current events are unfolding in the Middle East as tensions escalate between Israel and Iran. Biblical prophecies about the last days may be on...

Jack Hibbs: Did God Pick You?

Can you be sure that you're going to heaven? Are there those who are on their way to heaven but might not make it...

Jack Hibbs: Make It Personal — Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and fasting. You've heard about it and you've read about it in the Bible dozens of times, but how do we apply it...

Jack Hibbs: Apostasy or Reality — Where Are You? (Part 4) — Hebrews 10:32-39

Are we truly following Christ or just going through the motions?

Jack Hibbs: The Choice, is it Yours? (Part 3)

God's sovereignty or your free will - which is it? How do we stand firm in our faith when pressures mount, and the world...

Jack Hibbs: Faith Sharing and What It Does For You with special guest Barry Meguiar

Pastor Jack's guest today is Barry Meguiar, the President and third-generation leader of Meguiars Car Wax, the top-selling brand of car care products in...

Jack Hibbs: Resurrection Sunday — Get Up – Matthew 28:1-10

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for his Resurrection Sunday message.

Jack Hibbs: One For All & All For Themselves — John 19:1-35

A victory call to all those who believe and will believe.

Jack Hibbs: The Resurrection Promise

The Resurrection is an eye-witnessed account of an Old Testament promise and without it, the Bible is meaningless. On today's show, we will talk...

Jack Hibbs: The Last Words of Jesus Christ from the Cross — Matthew 27:35-46

Examine the last words of Jesus from the cross and their meaning. Bible prophecy was fulfilled through Jesus' sacrifice. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice...

Jack Hibbs: We Are At War

Until the Prince of Peace returns, believers are at war. The battle is all around us in the spiritual realm, and we cannot ignore...

Jack Hibbs: Epicenter Israel — What’s Really Happening? (Part 2) — Luke 19:29-44

Prophecies past and present converge as signs point to Israel's imminent restoration and Christ's return. Darkness is rising, but God's final Word stands.

Exclusive: Jack Hibbs Exposes Evil Deceptions Infiltrating America And The Church — Erick Stakelbeck

World-renowned pastor and author Jack Hibbs sits down with host Erick Stakelbeck and breaks down the urgent insights from his new book “Living in...

Jack Hibbs: The Rapture Just Happened — What You Need To Know

What if the Rapture just happened? What if you've been left behind? What should you expect in the coming months and years? What does...

Happening Now with Pastor Jack Hibbs and Barry Meguiar

Join Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for a special Happening Now with Barry Meguiar.

Jack Hibbs: The War Against Marriage

There is a war being waged in our world against the God-designed institution of marriage. Christian husbands and wives need to stand strong in...