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Cissie Graham-Lynch


Antisemitism on College Campuses, Israel & End Times — Cissie Graham Lynch & Greg Laurie

Antisemitism is on the rise. Seeing protests on university campuses across the U.S. and growing violence against Jewish people around the world is not only shocking, but it’s a reminder that God’s people will be persecuted...

Cissie Graham Lynch: The Lies of I’s—Seeking Godly Wisdom instead of Selfish Ambition

We live in a society that tells us that selfishness and self-centeredness are okay so that we can be happy, successful, and feel important. But, the world is full of foolish, evil, and demonic wisdom. We...



Cissie Graham Lynch: The Lies of I’s—When ‘I Want’ Becomes ‘I Need’

How often do you find yourself saying, “I need;” confusing a want or desire with something that really is not essential? We live in...

Cissie Graham Lynch: The Lies of I’s—Do I believe the lie that ‘I Am Enough?’

“I Am Enough.” This “Lies of I’s” is one that we see everywhere—on t-shirts, coffee cups, and it’s even the title of a children’s...

Cissie Graham Lynch: The Lies of I’s—Turn ‘I Deserve’ into ‘How to Serve’

How often do you hear yourself saying “I”? I want. I need. I wish. We have these “Lies of I’s” – lies we tell...

God, Miracles, & Harry Potter — Cissie Graham Lynch & Frank Turek

Did you know that the story of Jesus’ life is used as the basis for many Hollywood movies? Today on the Fearless Podcast, I’ve...

Cissie Graham Lynch: War in Israel Continues — Can Supernatural Hate be Overcome?

What’s going on in Israel today? The war in Israel has faded from the news, but the people who live there are still in...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Who Are You Following to the Ballot Box?

Love it or hate it, Taylor Swift has been everywhere lately. Whether on the news or on social media, NFL games or the GRAMMYs....

Cissie Graham Lynch: Parenting In The End Times — God’s Standards

What is your end goal with your kids? Having a good relationship with our kids is important, but too often, we see parents’ compromise...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Already Feeling Behind? 5 Thoughts That Will Encourage You

2024 just kicked off a few days ago, but I already feel behind. Maybe you feel that way, too. Sometimes setting goals and making...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Don’t Rush Through Christmas—4 Lessons to Help Refocus

The Christmas season is a time full of never ending to-do lists. It’s so busy, that we often rush from one thing to the...

Should Christians be Scared of This Changing World? — Cissie Graham Lynch & Franklin Graham

The first time I traveled to Rome was with my dad, Franklin Graham, when I was 19—the beginning of that trip changed my life...

Cissie Graham Lynch: When the World is Watching, Do You Bite Your Tongue or Use Your Words to Burn it Down?

This summer I saw my kids struggle to control their tongues; they were frustrated with each other and their tone with each other was...

Is War in Our Future? What’s Happening on the World Stage — Cissie Graham Lynch & Edward Graham

The world seems to be in a state of chaos and rapidly changing. As a parent, I haven’t been able to keep the images...

War in The Holy Land: Israel And Prophecy — Cissie Graham Lynch & Skip Heitzig

What’s going on in the Middle East is complicated. Why is it important? What’s the history? Why do we need to stand with Israel?...

War in Israel: Why is This Important and How Do We Respond? — Cissie Graham Lynch & Gary Hamrick

Israel’s 9/11 happened this weekend and they are at war. The photos and videos are horrific, and it has been an emotional few days...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Anti-Purity Culture — Was the Church Wrong & When to Talk to Our Kids About Sex

Do you know about the anti-purity movement that’s going against the church-based campaigns of the 1990s that encouraged young people to wait until marriage...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Confusion In The Classroom — What Should Parents Do?

Today on Fearless, I’m sharing what questions you should be asking and practical things you can do to protect your children against the culture wars inside their schools.

Cissie Graham Lynch: Why Have We Accepted Cohabitation As The New Normal?

Cohabitation has become the new normal--even inside the church. Think about it, how many people do you know that out of convenience or any...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Has the Church Become too Much Show and Not Enough Truth?

So often, we try to cram everything possible into the short weeks of summer. Our schedules fill up with the busyness of life. But,...

Cissie Graham Lynch: A Cultural Hurricane – Can Your Foundation Stand Through the Storm?

People often ask what the secret to the Graham family is. Spoiler alert: There is no secret. The home that my grandparents built – where my dad was raised – has a strong foundation, but it was far from perfect.

Cissie Graham Lynch: Pride Month—How Should We Respond? June brings out all the true colors of corporate America as companies pander to the LGBTQ community in honor of “Pride Month.” You can’t...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Living Life By the Gaze Strategy

We’re living in a world of chaos full of global unrest, cultural turbulence and personal suffering. Often, we are more focused on our traumas and challenges than we are on the hope of Heaven. So, how do we change that?

Cissie Graham Lynch Podcast: Is Our Compromising Culture Keeping Us From a Day of Rest? Between prepping for the week ahead, getting last-minute chores done, your job and your kids’ sports schedules, keeping a true day of rest every...

Cissie Graham Lynch Podcast: Be Careful Little Eyes—The Dangers of Our Screen Time We warn our kids to always be careful about what they’re looking at, what they do, and how they behave. But how do we...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Confronting the Chaos Caused by the Transgender Agenda

While the world is neglecting truth, Christians need to stand strong and refuse to affirm the lies. On this episode, we’ll discuss how you should respond in these times of confusion and in the face of this fast-growing movement.

Cissie Graham Lynch Podcast: Therapy Within The Church—Are We Seeking Godly Counsel? Today we’ll discuss the difference between therapy and counsel, what red flags we should keep an eye out for in therapy, and when we...

Cissie Graham Lynch: ‘Love Your Neighbor’ Isn’t An Excuse To Be Silent

Love has become the greatest stumbling block to many Christians, because we have used “love our neighbors as ourselves” as an excuse not to share the Gospel. This applies particularly towards the LGBT community.

Cissie Graham Lynch: ‘Racial Reconciliation’ – Are We Having The Right Conversations?

The topic of race has escalated in the last few years and seems to have permeated every aspect of our society. Race and racial reconciliation is a topic some like to discuss and a topic some would like to ignore—but we in the church cannot ignore it.

Fearless Podcast: It’s Not If You Are Able, But, Are You Available? — Cissie Graham Lynch Do you ever feel inadequate for the task God has put before you? Today, on the first new Fearless episode of 2023, I’m sharing...

Cissie Graham Lynch: God Who Pierces Darkness With Light

If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have seen that I posted a video about losing a bet and getting pregnant....

Cissie Graham Lynch: Why Have We Accepted Cohabitation as the New Normal?

On this episode of “The Elephant in the Room” series, I’m discussing how culture has infiltrated the church to make us believe that cohabitation—and sex outside of marriage—has become morally acceptable.

If The Pulpits Are Silent, Then The Pews Will Become Ignorant: Cissie Graham Lynch And Gary Hamrick Politics can be a divisive subject. Out of fear, some pastors completely avoid the topic from their pulpits.  On this episode of “The Elephant in...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Alcohol Within the Church

Is drinking alcohol beneficial or is it a stumbling block to the believer? In recent years, there’s been a greater acceptance of drinking within...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Has the Church Become Too Much Show and Not Enough Truth?

During the first episode of our fall series, “The Elephant in the Room,” Cissie identifies some of the issues she's seen inside churches today and what I believe to be the church’s greatest stumbling block.

Cissie Graham Lynch: We’ve Taken Our Eyes Off The Cross

Fearless is back from its summer break, and in this new episode, Cissie shares with you something that God continually laid on her heart throughout the summer.

Cissie Graham Lynch: Jane Graham on Life, Faith, Motherhood and Family

This week Cissie is returning to an episode with one of the greatest influences in her life, someone who she wants everyone to know, and that’s her mom, Jane Graham.

Cissie Graham Lynch: A Fearless Faith Begins with Fear

The ‘Summer Encore’ series of Fearless returns with another one of Cissie's favorite episodes – talking about how a fearless faith begins with fear. Over the years,...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Adventure Will Have Adversity—An Interview with Tammie Jo Shults

Hear how her fearless faith helped her overcome life’s biggest challenges on today’s Fearless Podcast.

Cissie Graham Lynch: Lessons Learned From My Dad

To celebrate her Father, Franklin Graham's 70th birthday, Cissie shares an early episode of Fearless that’s all about the incredible influence he has had in her...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Roe Is Dead

Our conversation can help you take an informed stand for the sanctity of human life in the womb and prepare for the battle ahead.

Cissie Graham Lynch: A Father’s Character—Lessons I’ve Learned from My Dad & Grandfathers I’m thankful that I grew up with a godly dad, two godly grandfathers and other men who influenced my life. The lessons they’ve taught...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Uvalde – The Steady Peace of Jesus in the Darkest of Times

When tragedy happens, many people will ask ‘why?’ The world is full of evil and sin. But there is hope in Jesus even in the darkest of times.

Parents Guide to Sexuality—Clarity in the Confusion: Cissie Graham Lynch

It’s important for parents to talk with their kids about sex, but it’s a lot more difficult to do now than it used to...