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Jeff Kinley

Jeff Kinley is a podcast host and speaker, who has authored nearly 40 books. Jeff works to equip Christians to discern the times.

Jeff Kinley: God’s Special Secret

For centuries, God had a mystery, hidden from prophets and even the pages of Scripture. It's a secret so profound that no one could have understood or anticipated it. So, what is this divine mystery? Jeff...

Jeff Kinley: The ‘Born Identity’

Because of our preoccupation with life here on earth, we can often forget the heavenly realities concerning who we are and how we stand before the Father. This leads only to defeat, discouragement, and at best,...



Jeff Kinley: What ‘Every Knee Shall Bow’ Really Means

The power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to us each day for living and overcoming life's struggles. And this same Jesus...

Jeff Kinley: How to Be a ‘Wide-Eyed’ Christian

The apostle Paul prayed an incredible prayer for his Ephesian brothers and sisters - that the "eyes of their heart may be enlightened" (1:18)....

Jeff Kinley: Grace, Blessings, the Glory of God…and YOU

According to Ephesians 1, there is an unbreakable link between the abundant spiritual riches you received at salvation and the limitless grace and eternal...

Jeff Kinley: The Father’s First Blessing to You

Let's study Ephesians together! The Epistle to the Ephesians has been called the "Treasure Chest of the New Testament," primarily because of all the...

Jeff Kinley: Four Things That Never Change . . . Ever

The world is changing. Culture is changing. Governments are fickle. Our hearts and lives are in flux. But there are some things that will...

Jeff Kinley: Your Divine Commission

Did you know that Jesus prayed for you on the night before he was crucified? And in that prayer, packed with rich truths and...

Jeff Kinley: Jesus Wants You ‘Sanctified’

Chances are you haven't used the word 'sanctified' in a conversation recently. And yet God uses it repeatedly throughout the New Testament. So what...

Jeff Kinley: Aliens From Another World?

As believers in Jesus, we are portrayed as "aliens and strangers" on planet earth. But what does that really mean? In this episode, Jeff unpacks Jesus' prayer to the Father, when He says that we are "not of this world."

Jeff Kinley: Are Hamas Terrorists, War in Israel Tied to End Times Prophecies?

Prophecy expert Jeff Kinley, author of the new book, "God's Grand Finale," believes the war in Israel is further evidence we're potentially "living in...

Jeff Kinley: Special Edition — How To Pray For Israel

With a massive invasion of terrorists into Israel, a state of war has been declared. But what can we make of all this? How...

Jeff Kinley: What It Means To ‘Be In The World’

How can we adopt a healthy mindset regarding our role and involvement with culture and non-Christians. Jeff explains from John 17.

Jeff Kinley: Why We Need The Bible Today

In the final night before His crucifixion, Jesus poured out His heart to the Father. In that prayer, He expresses the accomplishment of having given the Father's Word to his disciples.

Jeff Kinley: Jesus and Life’s Three Biggest Questions

In His high priestly prayer, Jesus makes a bold claim before the Father, and in doing so reveals to us a great deal about who He is, His mission, and His eternal objective.

Jeff Kinley: Jesus Keeps His Own

What does it mean to be "kept" by Jesus? And why are His disciples His highest priority? Jesus' prayer in John 17 gives us the answers in this week's podcast.

Jeff Kinley: The #1 Goal of the Christian Life

In the "Real" Lord's Prayer, Jesus reveals His heart concerning both His relationship to the Father and His mission to the disciples. What did he want them to believe? What did He want them to know? And did He succeed in His mission?

Jeff Kinley: The Genesis War – Genesis and Science

Some of the most prolific scientific discoveries ever made were made by the hands of believers, but this is not taught in our schools. Why is this the case?

Jeff Kinley: The Genesis War — Is the Genesis Account Literal?

Did God mean for us to take the Genesis narrative literally? Did He really create the world in 6, 24-hour days? Or is it merely symbolic?

Jeff Kinley: The Genesis War — Fossils, Faith, & Fact

In this podcast, Jeff exposes the lies of evolutionary "evidence," while at the same time providing biblical reasons why the oxymoronic "Theistic Evolution" is also a grand deception.

Jeff Kinley: The Genesis War

The Bible is under attack from all sides, and even from within the Church itself. But among the most critical battlegrounds in this war is the very first book of Scripture - Genesis.

Jeff Kinley: The Curse Of Casual Christianity

As the world darkens and evil strengthens, the temptation is to weaken and give in and give up in defeat. But desperate days demand devoted disciples

Jeff Kinley: How To Be Desperate For God

What does it look like to be "desperate for God?" To so be between the proverbial "rock and a hard place" that unless God shows up, it's "game over" for you?

Jeff Kinley: Why It’s a Really Bad Idea to be Proud

As America unapologetically celebrates "Pride Month," Jeff takes a deep dive into this sin of pride, what God says about it, where it ultimately leads, and how we can overcome it.

Jeff Kinley: Jesus And The Storm

Storms come. Winds blow. Waves crash against your boat. But Jesus is asleep. Or at least it seems He is. So what do we do when God seems silent in our storm?

Jeff Kinley: God’s Sovereignty in Our Salvation, Suffering, and Over Our Sin

In this episode, Jeff breaks down some lofty truths, helping us understand how practical God's great sovereignty really is!

Podcast: How Bad Will It Get Before the Rapture? — Todd Hampson & Jeff Kinley

The Prophecy Pros discuss a common question they receive as people wonder just how unstable the world might get before the rapture occurs.

Jeff Kinley: God’s Sovereignty Over Sin, Satan, Self, and Suffering

You only thought God's sovereignty blew your mind in the last episode. Now, straight from Scripture, Jeff unpacks the deep truths regarding how God...

Jeff Kinley Podcast: The Mindblowing Sovereignty of God

What does it mean to say that God is "sovereign?" What does the Bible say about his sovereignty? Does this doctrine have any practical...