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David Fiorazo


Censoring Vax Info Violates Freedom of Thought, Speech, and Conscience — David Fiorazo & Barbara Loe Fisher

Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center shares her personal story about a vaccine injury from decades ago.

Population Control Driving Global LGBTQ Deception — David Fiorazo & Laura Perry Smalts

Laura Perry Smalts, author and former transgender discusses with David about LGBT's goals of targeting children.



Israel’s Historical, Irrevocable Right to the Holy Land — David Fiorazo & Dr. Scott Lively

Dr. Scott Lively is a pastor, attorney, and writer. He shares with David historical context revolving around the Israel situation.

Counterfeit Kingdoms, NAR, and Modern ‘Apostles’ — David Fiorazo & Holly Pivec

Holly Pivec is an author, received her master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University, and helps expose the New Apostolic Reformation, apologetics, and...

Boycotts, Buycotts, and a Faith-Driven Economy — David Fioazo & Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John of The Busy Mom and Firmly Planted Family is the guest for today's Worldview Matters episode. Heidi and David cover the...

David Fiorazo: Just in Time for Christmas — After-School Satan Clubs

Their goals are simple: Tell children there is no God, there is no such thing as hell, and the devil is not real. After-School...

Bad Theology Begets Antisemitism — David Fiorazo & Jonathan Brentner

Jonathan Brentner is the author of the book, “Triumph of the Redeemed,” he’s a writer, speaker, and former pastor. His blog is called “Our...

Academia’s Propaganda War On the West — David Fiorazo & Dr. Jake Jacobs

Dr. Jake Jacobs is in studio to share his experiences of Marxism on campuses pushing hatred toward Judaism.

Time for Bold, Godly Leaders in Church & State – David Fiorazo & Steve Smothermon

Pastor Steve Smothermon of Legacy Church, Albuquerque is the guest on Worldview Matters and tells it like it is.

Manifesting Deception and the Law of Attraction — David Fiorazo & Doreen Virtue

Former New Age author Doreen Virtue shares with David the dangers of manifestation and how it is becoming more common for churches to implement...

Wake Up Call: End Times, Israel, and Revival — David Fiorazo & Claude Stauffer

Pastor Claude Stauffer, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Hope and Bible our of NY discusses his book 'Our Wake Up Call: End Times,...

How To Discern Truth From Lies and Fake News — David Fiorazo & JB Hixson

Dr. J.B. Hixson visits Worldview Matters again to discuss how the media has created a false left vs. right with controlled opposition with the...

Israel: A Legacy of Hate and Hope in Human History — David Fiorazo & Dr. Jake Jacobs

Dr. Jake Jacobs of FreedomProject's 'One Nation' talks with David regarding the amount of hate, prejudice, and misinformation that has been happening with Israel...

David Fiorazo: Most Americans Distrust the Liberal Media and Support Israel

Ye of little faith – in the liberal Democrat media, that is. A new Gallup pol reveals the distrust of most Americans in major...

Curtis Bowers & David Fiorazo on Agenda Weekly

The Marxist Left knows that a global totalitarian government is impossible with America in the way, and the best way to destroy America is...

‘Sparky’ Children’s Book on Redemption, Reflecting God — David Fiorazo & Pastor Joe Schimmel

Pastor Joe Schimmel has been equipping Christians with the truth of God’s word for decades. He founded Good Fight Ministries in 1987, and has...

Freemasonry Beliefs, Practices, and Symbols — David Fiorazo & Pastor John Pennell

Pastor John Pennell revisits with Worldview Matters where he and David take a closer look into Freemasonry, including their symbols and beliefs.

Islamic Invasion and the Middle East Meltdown — David Fiorazo & Andy Woods

Andy Woods is the pastor and teacher at Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas, author of many books including,“Babylon: The Bookends of Prophetic History”...

What Happened to Churches in Australia and America? — David Fiorazo And Dean Dwyer

Dean Dwyer has served for over 20 years as Pastor and President of Eiser Street Baptist Church in Toowoomba, Australia. Pastor Dwyer is also...

Palestine, Communism Against Jews and Christians — David Fiorazo & Tony Gurule

Tony Gurule of joins Worldview Matters again to discuss how Palestine and Communism are joining forces in an attempt to destroy Christianity.

The Impact of Local Christian Ministry — David Fiorazo, Sarah Christensen & Shawnta Watkins

Sarah Christensen and Shawnta Watkins visit in studio to share their story about coming to Christ and how FrontLine Harvest Ministry helps women's on...

Why Some Christians Are Confused About Israel? — David Fiorazo & Jim Fletcher

Journalist and author Jim Fletcher reveals information based on experience and relationships in Israel related to the attacks and widespread theories. He also discusses...

Islam, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood — David Fiorazo & Tony Gurule

Tony Gurule is the Vice President of Radical Truth and joins Worldview Matters to speak on the history of Islam, Shariah Law, and the...

Why Aren’t Things Getting Better in the World? — David Fiorazo & Jay Seegert

Jay Seegert is a Keynote Speaker, Managing Director for The Starting Point Project (, and Author of “Creation to Christ.” He holds degrees in...

How Apathy in the Church Enables Abortion — David Fiorazo & Seth Gruber

Seth Gruber joins Worldview Matters and calls for Christians to become ‘salty’ about beliefs and lifestyles that aren’t biblical instead of ‘co-existing’ or approving.

Analyzing Israel In Prophetic Times — David Fiorazo & JB Hixson

Pastor J.B. Hixson analyzes Israel’s prophetic times, and also discusses the global “technocratic tyranny.”

Pastor’s Perspective on Church and State Issues — David Fiorazo & Carl Gallups

Pastor Carl Gallups has been the senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Florida since 1987. He is a best selling author,...

The Public School Propaganda and Perversion Plan — David Fiorazo & Linda Harvey

Author and conference speaker, Linda Harvey, founded Mission America in 1995, a Christian pro-family organization tracking current cultural issues. The media ministry of Linda...

Calling Christian Men To Suit Up, Stand Up & Speak Up! — David Fiorazo & David Roth

Pastor David Roth of One Way Christian Church in Green Bay, WI has been married to his wife, Tami for 27 years and have...

Pastor’s Perspective on The Religion Of Freemasonry — David Fiorazo & John Pennell

Pastor John Pennell of Calvary Chapel, Lake Villa, Illinois has been senior pastor since 1999. CCLV streams praise and worship 24-7 along with the...

Dangers Of D.E.I. And Its Marxist Roots — David Fiorazo & Dr. Duke Pesta

Dave discusses Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.) with Executive Director at FreedomProject Academy, Dr. Duke Pesta. D.E.I. being pushed into classrooms and campuses across...

Defending the Faith, Responding to a Christless Culture – David Fiorazo & Carl Kirby

Carl Kirby is an author and co-founder of Reasons for Hope; he was first introduced to apologetics by two pilots after he’d told them...

Back to Biblical Authority and ‘Book, Chapter, Verse’ — David Fiorazo & Saiko Woods

Pastor Saiko Woods founded His Word His Way Fellowship Church in Sugar Land, Texas in 2009, where he served as Pastor/Teacher until 2016. He...

Biden Climate Corps To Focus on ‘Environmental Justice’ — David Fiorazo & Alex Newman

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist with a global reputation for hard-hitting reporting. He’s the founder of Liberty Sentinel, contributor to the Epoch...

An Inspiring Story of Faith in Action — David Fiorazo & Pam Walck

Author, speaker, and survivor of Stage IV lung cancer, Pamela Walck explored multiple religions until she found the one true God of love. After...

Hey, Pastors, Wake Up and Lead! — David Fiorazo & Dan Fisher

Dan Fisher has been preaching and pastoring for 45 yrs. While serving as a full-time pastor, he also served two terms in the OK...

Fighting the Good Fight on the Front Lines — David Fiorazo & Chad Davidson

Chad Davidson of Good Fight Ministries and 511 News. Chad is a writer and also an elder at Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley,...

Is Planned Parenthood Above the Law? — David Fiorazo & Julaine Appling

President of Wisconsin Family Council and WI Family Action. In 1997, Julaine came to work at The Wisconsin Family Council (WFC) as Director of...

David Fiorazo: Parents Shouldn’t Be Surprised When Their Child Ends Up Radicalized

Last year, the American Library Association elected Emily Drabinski, a self-described Marxist lesbian, president of the American Library Association (ALA). At the recent Socialism...

Former Homosexual Warns About LGBT Agenda — David Fiorazo & George Carneal

George Carneal, author of “From Queer to Christ," grew up in the ’70s, raised by a Southern Baptist minister in the ultra-conservative Bible Belt....

A Complicit Medical System — David Fiorazo & Scott Schara

Scott Schara is Grace’s dad. Scott is the president of Our Amazing Grace’s Light Shines On, Inc. established to provide grants to individuals –...

The Left’s Push to Abandon The Constitution — David Fiorazo & Andy Woods

Andy Woods is the pastor and teacher at Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas, author of many books including,“Babylon: The Bookends of Prophetic History”...

The Truth About Gender ‘Affirmation’ from a Detransitioner — David Fiorazo & Laura Perry

Former transgender, Laura Perry speaks with David Fiorazo about the deception, lies, and pitfalls of the transgender movement and rejecting God as Creator.

Marxists on the March and Communist Ties in the U.S. Government — David Fiorazo & Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon and David Fiorazo discuss how the left has infiltrated government, academia, and even churches, and how communists have been able to gain...