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Dean Dwyer


Dean Dwyer: Highway To Holiness — The Bronze Laver

Join Pastor Dean Dwyer for the next part in his important series "Highway To Holiness"

Dean Dwyer: An Empty Tomb; An Occupied Throne

Join Pastor Dean Dwyer of Eiser St Baptist Church for his Resurrection Sunday message.



Dean Dwyer: Highway to Holiness — The Brazen Altar

After passing through the gate into the Tabernacle courtyard, the Israelite would be met by the brazen altar. This tells us that before entering...

Dean Dwyer: Highway to Holiness — The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle has not existed for thousands of years. So why is it important to study in the context of holiness? And what does...

Dean Dwyer: Highway to Holiness

A W Tozer once said: “The true Christian ideal is not to be happy but to be holy. You cannot study the Bible diligently...

Dean Dwyer: Is There Hope for Broken Vessels?

On 13 November 2023, Pastor Dean was knocked from his motorcycle by another motorist, causing a burst fracture to his L2 vertebrae and a...

Dean Dwyer: Proud, Prejudiced, Plundering Persecutors

In this sermon, we turn to the shortest book of the Old Testament - Obadiah. Even though there are only 21 verses, we gain...

Demonic Enemies Of God, The Bible, And Israel — David Fiorazo & Dean Dwyer

Pastor Dean Dwyer joins Worldview Matters again from 'down under' to talk once more about Israel and how God will prevail!

Dean Dwyer: Warn the Wicked; Comfort the Concerned

Well, the title of the sermon says it all. Right now, there seem to be two groups of people: those who act wickedly and...

Dean Dwyer: Fear Not, Faint Not

When the enemy surrounds and your heart grows weak, what do you do? Elisha and his servant faced what seemed like impossible odds -...

Dean Dwyer: From Babel to the Beast

In this age, we are conditioned to believe that unity is necessary in order to avoid calamity. If that sounds familiar, it should be....

Dean Dwyer: The Distortion of Truth

In this video, we see how Satan has distorted certain parts of creation which give a clear witness to the existence and sovereignty of...

Dean Dwyer: Letter To The Small Country Church

Join Pastor Dean Dwyer of Eiser St. Baptist Church as he delivers a special guest message: "Letter To The Small Country Church"

Dean Dwyer: The Inversion of Truth

After Satan worked so hard to pervert the truth, he is now inverting truth. Good is evil; light is darkness; sweet is bitter. Join...

Dean Dwyer: The Perversion of Truth 

If you want to be a believer who stands on God’s truth, who proclaims God’s truth and who lives out God’s truth you will...

Dean Dwyer: Wrestling with Wrath (Part 3)

In the third and final instalment of our Wrestling with Wrath series, we explore the connection between the book of Hebrews, the propitiation of...

Dean Dwyer: Wrestling With Wrath (Part 2)

Some people struggle to understand how a gracious and loving God could bring down such wrath upon the world in the form of the...

Dean Dwyer: Wrestling with Wrath

Some people struggle to understand how a gracious and loving God could bring down such wrath upon the world in the form of the...

Dean Dwyer: Watch the Wedding (Part 2)

In part two of this sermon, we examine the time when Jesus will come to fetch His bride and we celebrate the marriage and...

Dean Dwyer: Watch the Wounded

As we stand on this immense spiritual battlefield, we see the casualties growing. These are not physical wounds - they are spiritual wounds.

Dean Dwyer: The Adversary and the Agenda

Though well hidden, there is an adversary and an agenda at play in the world. However, to discover both, you need to read your...

Dean Dwyer: The Only Answer

People currently have a lot of questions, but providing answers seems to be difficult. But a wise person once said, don't start with a...

Dean Dwyer: Watch the Watchlist

According to law enforcement in Australia, premillennialism is now an ideology of concern. But what is premillennialism and what happened to lead police to...

Dean Dwyer: The Dead, The Dying And The Dedicated

Jesus has a strong message to the church at Sardis - some are dead (spiritually) that need to be revived; some are dying (spiritually)...

Dean Dwyer: God’s Universe or Man’s Metaverse?

If, as technocrats claim, mankind needs to undergo transformation so that there is a fusion between our physical, biological and digital identities, it means...

Dean Dwyer: Series Opener — What Does A Watchman Watch?

Man is the only creature who knows he is going to die and he is trying desperately to prevent it. Enter the concept of...

Dean Dwyer: Watch the Watchers

After the rapture of the church, an unholy trinity will arise and with it, a cruel system of surveillance and control. What do we...

Dean Dwyer: Worship Music — A Manipulative Gateway To Bad Theology?

At some point in the past, worship music changed. It became less about worshipping God and more about putting forward a culturally friendly style...

Dean Dwyer: Watch Yourself! 

In today's sermon, Pastor Dean Dwyer discusses heavenly rewards. As was once said, heaven is not just a destination, it should be a motivation....

Dean Dwyer: Fleecing the Flock

Unfortunately under the banner of Christianity, we have many who are false shepherds. They are not feeding the flock as Jesus commands, but they are fleecing it and pulling the wool over their eyes.

Dean Dwyer: Woke Church, Weak Church

Weak sermons from woke pastors won’t convict sinners who need redemption. Doing so is merely abdicating our role as a beacon of God’s truth in favour of bowing to the vile calling of culture.

Dean Dwyer: The Bovine and the Beast

Pastor Dwyer examines the connection between the recently discovered unblemished red heifers and the coming of what Zechariah 11 describes as the worthless shepherd - the Antichrist.

Dean Dwyer: Gall Of The Godless — Remaking The World In Their Image

Throughout every city and nation, the godless are living in an increasingly wicked and sinful manner. But know this, every secret thing, whether good...

Dean Dwyer: Satan, Society and the Saviour

Is it even possible to sell your soul to the devil and is Jesus strong enough to deliver mankind from the grip of spiritual darkness and demonic influence?

Dean Dwyer: Satan’s Reset v’s God’s Reset

Mankind has a plan. It wants to unite in order to stave off the supposed disaster of climate change. In history, we learn that Nimrod, a wicked ruler of the post-flood era, also sought to unite mankind to avoid a supposed future disaster.