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Alisa Childers

Alisa Childers is an American singer, songwriter, apologist, and author

Rebutting the Secular Religion of Love — Alisa Childers & Natasha Crain

In recent years, "love" has taken such pride of place in the American culture that it has ousted pretty much every other value.

Podcast: Orange Curriculum — An Urgent Warning to Churches — Alisa Childers & Natasha Crain

The Orange organization may be the most influential organization you’ve never heard of when it comes to church curriculum for the next generation. According to the Orange website, at, they have 10,000+ partner churches, influence...


Podcast: Are the Red Letters More Important? — Alisa Childers & Natasha Crain

Today, Natasha and Alisa respond to a social media comment that read, “In my opinion, red letters/Jesus’ words are the most important in all...

Podcast: Refusing to Bow to PRIDE Activism — Natasha Crain & Alisa Childers

What happens when one person refuses to bow their knee to the cultural gods? Others tend to follow because courage is contagious. That’s exactly...

Podcast: Should Christians Avoid Siding with Political Parties? — Natasha Crain & Alisa Childers

Russell Moore says that this After Party Curriculum was originally going to be titled, "The Post-Partisan Church." But should that be the goal? Should the church be post-partisan?

Don’t Put God in a Box: And Other Conversation Stoppers — Natasha Crain & Alisa Childers

Theological conversations can be stopped in their tracks if someone simply pulls out the old, “Don’t put God in a box!” The most common...