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JB Hixson


Why Israel Matters — JB Hixson and Tom Hughes

Pastor Tom was a guest on JB Hixson's podcast, where they spoke about Israel and answered the question "Why Israel Matters."

JB Hixson: Borders, the Bible, and Believers

Join Dr. Hixson for a message at a regional TPUSA Faith event in Castle Rock, CO.


America’s Rapid Downward Spiral – JB Hixson & David Fiorazo

With the acceleration of transgender ideology and LGBTQ agendas, true believers today are feeling the pressure. How should we respond?

Testing The AI Jesus – Mary Danielsen And JB Hixson

There are volumes of conversations about the Spirit of Antichrist but very little is discussed about the coming Ai sponsored global spirituality and the one who forces it on those “who dwell upon the earth”.

The Scandalon of the Cross — J.B. Hixson and David Fiorazo

Dr. Hixson was joined by his friend and colleague David Fiorazo to discuss recent attacks on Christianity in our culture.

JB Hixson: Question And Answers

Dr. Hixson answers questions from listeners on a variety of topics.

Sleepy Christians and Apostasy in the Last Days – J.B. Hixson & John Loeffler

Dr. Hixson is joined by John Loeffler of Steel on Steel radio to talk about the growing apostasy in the church and the world.

JB Hixson: Transhumanism Exposed

Dr. Hixson addressed the Luciferian agenda of Transhumanism