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Olivier Melnick


Olivier Melnick: Israel Is Forever… Find Out Why!

The modern Palestinian people, in particular, claim historical ownership of that land, reaching back before the Jewish people. Further investigation is needed to establish the meaning of the word “Palestine” and to assess the validity of...

Olivier Melnick: When Did Jews Use Christian Blood for Passover? The Blood Libel demystified.

In his book, Ariel Toaff claims that the use of blood for Passover was a regular thing in Jewish communities, and it is very damaging to judeo/Christian relations. The old canard lives on, as irrational as...



We Must Not be Neutral with History Repeating Itself — David Fiorazo & Olivier Melnick

Olivier Melnick shares his family’s history of being separated during the Holocaust, about farmers hiding his mother in France, and warns that history is...

Olivier Melnick: Dismantling The Conspiracy — What Is The Connection Between The Jews And The Khazars?

As global antisemitism now seems to be completely out in the open with no restraining in sight, those who are friends of Israel and...

Olivier Melnick: The Prophetic Significance of the Hamas/Israel War

The war is ongoing, and many Bible students are wondering if it has any prophetic significance. Is it connected to any Bible events that...

Olivier Melnick: What Is Biblical Zionism? Is It an Oxymoron? Let’s Dig In and Find Out!

From the biblical record, starting in Genesis, it can easily be argued that God Himself was the first Zionist. It hasn't changed and never...

Olivier Melnick: Palestine Recognized?

Over four months after Hamas murdered 1200 innocent Israeli civilians and took over 200 hostages inside the Gaza Strip, the current US administration is...

Olivier Melnick: International Holocaust Memorial Day 2024… Now More Than Ever!

There is no question that the weed of antisemitism has grown exponentially since October 7, to the point of choking the truth about Israel...

Olivier Melnick: Israel — Are We on God’s Side?

That’s right… if you hate Israel, you hate the God of Israel! As a Christian, you cannot be in God’s will to bring Him...

Olivier Melnick: The Ominous Era Of Destructive Jew Hatred Is Upon Us Again

I often warned people that things would get very dicey for the Jewish people at some point in the future, but frankly, I never...

Olivier Melnick: Could Another Holocaust Happen?

If this is the new normal for Jewish people worldwide, then, we must adjust to it as well, and as believers, we must not...

Olivier Melnick: The 2023 Open Season On The Jews

All over the world (Canada, Europe, USA), people have gathered on the streets to protest and speak up. While there were people coming to...

Olivier Melnick: Historical Revisionism is Running Rampant!

As unfathomable as the Holocaust was to those who entered the death camps at the end of WWII, it is all the more unthinkable...

Olivier Melnick: The Myth Of ‘Greedy Jews’ Exposed

One of the oldest diatribes against the Jewish people can be easily explained by revisiting history. The truth must be heard...The lies must be...