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The Truth Behind the Lies – Jan Markell And Dr. David Reagan

Jan Markell spends the hour with Dr. David Reagan. What is fact and what is fiction when it comes to the Mid East conflict? Dave Reagan and Jan break that down as well as other current...

Dean Dwyer: Highway to Holiness – Shekinah Glory

Join Pastor Dean Dwyer of Eiser St. Baptist Church in Queensland, Australia, as he continues his impactful series "Highway to Holiness"



Greg Laurie: How To Deal With Trials And Temptation

Join Pastor Greg Laurie as he discusses "how to deal with trials and temptation"

David Bowen: ‘Evangelical’ Seminary Accommodating LGBTQ Students

Let’s join Dr. Dave Bowen in a deep dive into how far American culture has turned away from biblical teachings to accepting what God...

Christians Stand With Israel — Tim Moore And Baruch Korman

Why should Christians stand with Israel? Find out with guest Baruch Korman along with Tim Moore of the Lamb & Lion Ministries evangelism team...

Infiltration (Part 1) — Ken Mikle, Josh Schwartz, And David Fiorazo

Many evil forces have infiltrated the world and the church in the last 100 years, forming a demonic agenda. Ken Mikle, Josh Schwartz and...

Amir Tsarfati: Finding Hope in Times of War

On this first episode of "The Anchor Podcast," Amir Tsarfati sits down with Pastor Steve Berger and his wife, Sarah, amid the turmoil of...

Mark Hitchcock: The 7 Lead-Ups to The Ultimate Event

As someone who studies biblical prophecy, I have found that there are actually seven rapture events described in Scripture - three in the Old...

Ken Ham: The Real Reason ‘Racism’ Is Such a Big Issue Today

Why is “racism” such a BIG issue in today’s culture? In this presentation, I answer this question as a Bible-believing Christian, highlighting the dangers...

Tony Perkins And Edward Graham on Samaritan’s Purse Aid Efforts

Edward Graham, Chief Operating Officer at Samaritan’s Purse, shares how the ministry is assisting those hit hardest by recent tornadoes and flooding throughout the...

Robert Gottselig: Biden Stabs Israel in the Back

Join us for our In News Surrounding Israel weekly newscast, as this week I will be talking about how Biden and his Administration is...

Suspected ISIS Members Arrested After Crossing Southern Border

Dan Gordon joins Erick Stakelbeck to discuss the horrors of October 7th, the radical Islamist indoctrination inside Gaza schools, and his new four-part film...

You Will Not Believe What Public School Sex Ed Is Teaching Now

Former sex educator exposes DARK truth about the system. In this presentation, Monica Cline reveals the tremendous dangers of comprehensive sex education, including how...

A California Revolution? — Jack Hibbs And Steve Hilton

Pastor Jack sits down to discuss California's past, present, and future with Steve Hilton. Steve Hilton was the senior policy and strategy advisor to...

Ray Comfort: He Was Training To Be a Catholic Priest Then This Happened

Join Ray Comfort as he helps equip you to share your faith effectively.

Amir Tsarfati: The Mystery of the Messiah

So many religions have their secret teachings and hidden truths. In Christianity, however, all mysteries are revealed. In his teaching, "The Mystery of the...

Iraq-Iran Warn Israel-Hezbollah War To Escalate Regionally; IDF Prepares…

Top stories: 1) Israel remains determined to achieve victory, as it faces enemies on seven separate fronts. 2) Iraq and Iran warn of prospects...

Calvin Smith: Atheists Love to Boast This So-Called ‘Proof’ of Evolution

Atheists LOVE to boast this so-called “proof” for evolution, but there’s just one problem… In this video, Calvin Smith exposes the exaggerated nature of...

Evangelism, Media Lies, Corruption in Ukraine — David Fiorazo And Elijah Abraham

Evangelist and teacher of pastors, Elijah Abraham is back with us to talk about the gospel, the church, doctrines, evangelism, and his recent overseas...

Israel BLASTS France Over Lebanon Plan; WAR with Hezbollah Unavoidable?

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant blasts France’s attempts to intervene in the impending IDF-Hezbollah war, saying, “France has adopted hostile policies against Israel.” What...

Barry Stagner: The Line Up — Massive Attack on Israel

215 rockets fired at north after IDF killing of ‘most senior’ Hezbollah officer yet; Top Biden Aide Asserts US-Backed Ceasefire Deal Can Remove Hamas...

Israel Pledges To Respond To Hezbollah’s Aggression; US Concerned Re Escalation

Top stories: 1) The Iranian-proxy Hezbollah declares its intention to intensify hostilities against Israel. 2) Despite a call by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd...

Globalist Reckoning: Shakeup In Europe Takes Hammer To Future

Billy Hallowell of CBN joins Erick Stakelbeck to discuss the major political and cultural issues Christians grapple as they head to the polls this...

Mark Henry: See It By Their Fruit

Join Pastor Mark Henry as he discusses unity and discernment in the Body of Christ.

Why So Many Farmers Are Expecting Ruined Crops Right Now — Answers News

A growing number of farmers are expecting RUINED crops right now for one big reason. In this episode of Answers News, our hosts share...

Answering the Questions of Christianity — David Fiorazo & Israel Wayne

Israel Wayne is an author, conference speaker, and Director of Family Renewal. We discuss his new book, "Foundational Truths: A Modern Catechism."

Antisemitism: The Longest-Enduring Racial Trauma

The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry's own Ty Perry joins Chris Katulka for Israel My Glory's author In Depth series. Ty writes a recurring...

Hezbollah-Israel Hostilities Intensify; US Ups Pressure Re Gaza Ceasefire

Top stories: 1) Hostilities along Israel’s northern front with Lebanon seemingly intensify. 2) IDF Forces continue to target terror elements throughout the West Bank...

Jack Hibbs: Free Speech (Romans 10:5-13)

Understand God's perspective on free speech and how to confess Christ as Lord in a way that transforms your life.

Israel Kills TOP Hezbollah Commander; MASSIVE Rocket Barrage Unleashed

Iranian terror proxy Hezbollah fired over 200 rockets into northern Israel, as the IDF took out one of their top senior commanders in an...

Skip Heitzig: When Faith is Fake – James 2:14-20

You’ve probably been in a situation where there was confusion, even pandemonium, and most people were acting like immature children. What was needed was...

Mark Hitchcock: Can I Get a Witness — Colossians 4:2-6

Join Pastor Mark Hitchcock for his teaching from Colossians 4

Pride Month/Year Agenda: A Christian Response — David Fiorazo And Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey of Mission America discusses the perverse onslaught during pride month and the growing product inventory at stores across the country.

Jack Hibbs: The Dangers of American Universities

What are the Dangers of Sending Your Children to American Universities?

How Can the School District Be Turned Around? (Part 2) — Phil McKay And Paul White

Part 2 of a discussion with Washoe County School District At-Large Candidate Paul White about how the characteristics of a great school district stack...

Barry Stagner: Mind Your Own Business

Are you ready to mind your own business and do the work God has called you to? Join us as we explore how each...

Remnant Watchmen, Prophecy, And The Lukewarm Church — David Fiorazo And Brandon Holthaus

Brandon Holthaus, Pastor of Rock Harbor Church in CA and host of 'Tip of the Spear' Ministry joins David to discuss Bible prophecy, church...

Israel Rescues Captives; Gantz Quits Coalition; US-France Joint Strategy vs Iran 

Top stories: 1) In a daring operation in the Gazan town of Nuseirat – four Israeli hostages were rescued alive. 2) Israeli War Cabinet...

Israel Strikes Deep In Lebanon As Hezbollah Rockets Pound Golan Heights

Is the much-anticipated great northern war between the Jewish State and the Iranian terror proxy Hezbollah beginning in real time? All indications would suggest...

Watching and Waiting — Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Mark Henry, and Jan Markell

Jan Markell and Mark Henry, host an evening with Mark Hitchcock at our June Understanding the Times night. Due to our times, believers are...

Cissie Graham Lynch: Pride Month — How to Love Without Compromising?

Chaos and confusion are all around us. June is a month filled with rainbows and Pride parades and messages that “love is love.” We...

Enemies Within the Church – Jan Markell And Cary Gordon

Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor Cary Gordon, one of the producers of the film, “Enemies Within the Church.” The film says certain...

IDF Gaza Rescue Mission FREES Israeli Hostages from Hamas

On today’s special Watchman Newscast Livestream, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down this morning’s daring IDF rescue mission in Gaza that freed four Israeli hostages...

Mark Hitchcock: Biblical Birth Pangs And The Coming Northern Front

As someone who’s studied Bible prophecy for years, I see these events as setting the stage for the end-times scenarios described in Ezekiel 38-39,...