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Covid vs Liberty

What Does "Covid vs liberty" Mean?

And Why Is It Biblically Relevant?

Many also who have read the Bible and what it says about future events, state that vaccine mandates have become jaw-droppingly similar to what we read in Revelation 13 regarding the “mark of the beast.”

In this chapter, the Bible speaks of a coming global leader who will mandate a “mark” on the right hand or on the forehead. Without this “mark”, people will be restricted from being able to buy or sell.

It is very important to state, that we do not believe the vaccine to be this mark for a myriad of reasons, which the Bible makes clear. However, it does seem undeniable that what we are currently witnessing is being used to desensitize people to such Government overreach and is a harbinger of things the Bible says will come.

Covid vs Liberty

Covid vs Liberty


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