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Jerusalem Considers Scope Of Attack vs Iran; Russia Warns Against Regional War

Top stories 1) IDF Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi asserts that “Iran will face the consequences for its actions.” 2) The Islamic Republic of Iran threatens to attack at anyone assisting Israel in...

Israel Pledges Retaliation Following Iranian Attack; Iran Threatens The U.S.

Today’s top stories:1) Israel asserts its intention to respond to Iran’s blatant missile and drone attack on Israeli territory. 2) Tehran’ threatens to retaliate ten-times fold and levels a direct threat toward the United States. 3)...



Iran Prepares Attack On Israel; Jerusalem Approves Plan To Counter-Strike Iran

Today’s top stories: 1) Iran pledges to strike Israel – with a looming attack that may put both countries on a course of direct...

Iran Adopts Practical Policy To Destroy Israel; IDF Expands Achievements In Gaza

Join TV7 for a breakdown of today's top stories for their studio in Jerusalem.

Israel Stands Firm On Rafah; Hamas-PIJ Discuss Next Move With Iran; Houthis Lie

Top Stories: 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reemphasizes that Jerusalem will not be dissuaded by international pressure vis-à-vis the destruction of Hamas. 2)...

Mideast Intricacies Amid Strategic Power Competition: Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio

For a rare moment earlier this week, all of the world’s leading powers were almost on the same page. This occurred when the UN...

Israel Outraged By U.S. Break Of Policy At U.N.; Hamas Hardens Position Vs Deal

Top stories: 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructs a senior Israeli delegation to cancel its visit to the United States, after the Biden Administration...

U.S. Warns Israel Against Rafah Offensive; IDF Battles Terrorists At Shifa

Top stories: 1) The IDF continues to apply vigorous pressure on a large group of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror operatives that have...

IDF To Attack Rafah Regardless Of US Support; CETCOM Warns Of Iran-Russia-China

Top stories: 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that Israel will move to eradicate Hamas from its last stronghold in Rafah – with...

IDF Kills 140, Captures 600+ Hamas Terrorists In Raid; Optimism Re Talks Rise

Top stories: 1) Israel is working to alleviate tensions with the United States, as the Netanyahu Government and Biden Administration fail to see eye-to-eye...

US – Israel Relations, Amid Rising Bilateral Tensions: Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio

When Hamas viciously attacked Israel, committing unspeakable horrors, there was no daylight between Jerusalem and Washington. President Biden sprang into action and immediately provided...

US Opposes Israeli Offensive Into Rafah; UNHRC Makes Unfounded Claims vs Israel

Top stories: 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterates that Jerusalem cannot afford to leave Hamas in any functioning capacity in the Gaza Strip....

Can Israel Defeat Hamas, As International Pressure Mounts? Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio

On the sixth month of the Gaza War, there is growing doubt as to whether Israel can defeat the terror organization whose October 7...

Israel United Re War’ Objectives vs Hamas; Houthis Threaten To Expand Attack

Top stories: 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts the defeat of Hamas would inflict a stinging blow to Iran’s axis of terror. 2) An...

War Cabinet Approves Plans For Rafah; Schumer Calls For Regime-Change In Israel

Top stories: 1) Jerusalem approves plans for expanding the military ground maneuver into the Gazan border-town of Rafah. 2) Israel rejects a Hamas counter-proposal...

Israel Reinforces Pledge To Destroy Hamas; US Senators Says Qatar Must Do More

Top stories: 1) Jerusalem’s top defense official, while visiting Gaza city, reinforced Israel’s resolve to eradicate Hamas. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken...

Anti-Semitism: Spillover from the Israel-Hamas War? Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio

The scourge of Anti-Semitism long preceded Zionism and indeed was a major factor in generating this movement, when the visionary Theodor Herzl considered the...

Netanyahu Bashes Intl. Pressure As Hypocritical; US Warns Against Rafah Attack

Top stories: 1) A terror attack at Jerusalem’s Tunnels Road leaves an Israeli soldier and security guard with light injuries – after 2) Prime...

Can a Northern War be Averted? Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio

Neither Israel nor Hezbollah are spoiling for a full-scale war. This conclusion is well established after five months of constant exchanges of fire between...

Iran, China & Russia Hold Joint Drills; Israel Strikes At A Senior Hamas Leader

Top stories: 1) The IDF pledges to unceasingly hunt-down Hamas leaders and operatives who participated in the October 7th Massacre. 2) Iran, Russia and...

Netanyahu Rejects Biden’s Undermining Jab; Israel To Uphold Freedom Of Worship

Top stories: 1) Israel prepares for the construction of a pier on the coast of the Gaza Strip – as the United States leads...

Netanyahu Pledges Rafah Offensive; CENTCOM Chief Warns Against U.S. Complacency

Top stories: 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that the IDF will broaden its operation into the town of Rafah. 2) U.S. President...

Hezbollah Attacks On Israel Intensify; Houthis Deadly Strike On Marine Shipping

Top stories: 1) The IDF continues to advance deep into the Gaza Strip, with chief focus on the Central and Southern parts of the...

Iran’s Nuclear Program: IAEA Raises the Alarm : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio

Masks and costumes have always been a feature of Persian culture, in peacetime and wartime, for fashion and fun, and this could possibly even...

U.S. Ups Pressure On Jerusalem; Türkiye Threatens Israel; Moscow Seeks PA Unity

Top stories: 1) Israel prepares for the expansion of its ground-offensive into the town of Rafah, while the United States ratchets-up pressure on Jerusalem...

Hostilities Continue In Israel’s North; Russia Attempts To Unify Palestinians

Top stories: 1) Hostilities along the Lebanon-Israel front continue to intensify – while separate strikes reportedly targets Iranian-proxies in the vicinity of Damascus. 2)...

Israel Prepares For War With Hezbollah; U.S. Actively Seeks Diplomatic Solution

Top stories: 1) The U.S. highlights its extensive efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to the Hezbollah instigated low-intensity war with Israel, since October...

Iran’s Nuclear Race: Is a Looming Breakout Inevitable? Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio

With all eyes on Iran’s policy through proxies - from Gaza and Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen - the most strategically significant event could...

IDF Prepares For Conflict With Hezbollah; U.S. Voices Optimism On Hostage Deal

Top stories: 1) Hostilities along Israel’s northern front with Lebanon continue to gradually escalate. 2) U.S. President Joe Biden claims that a hostage release...

Israel Cautiously Optimistic vs Hostage Deal; Knesset Rejects Two-State Diktats

Top stories: 1) Israel indicates cautious optimism over progress made in advancing an outline to see the hostages returned home. 2) Jerusalem stands united...

Hezbollah’s Low-Intensity War Versus Israel: Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio

Whether by its own calculus, or due to strict instructions by Iran - or even both - Hezbollah have been cautious since October 8...

Israel Allegedly Strikes Damascus; U.S. Veto UNSC Calls For Gaza Ceasefire

Top stories: 1) An unidentified aircraft strikes Damascus, killing at least two – in an attack which Syria attributed to Israel. 2) Prime Minister...

Egypt’s Crucial Role in Mideast Stability amid Looming Rafah Offensive – Jerusalem Studio

Egypt is the most important, populous and militarily capable of the Arab countries. Its 42 year peace agreement with Israel has so far withstood...

Deadly Terror Strikes Israel; Jerusalem Stresses Need For ‘Northern Solution’

Today’s top stories: 1) Deadly terror strikes at Israel’s southern Re’em–Masmiya Junction – claiming the lives of two civilians, and wounding six others. 2)...

Iran’s Threat to Middle East Stability: Prospects of Wider Escalation — Jerusalem Studio

On a recent visit to Lebanon, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, declared that Tehran never wanted the Hamas-Israel war to expand into a wider...

The Western Response to the Gaza War & Regional Hostilities – Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio

After the horrific massacre perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 last year, the general consensus in the outside world towards Israel - apart from...

Israel Deplores The UN Over Gaza Involvement; US Pushes For Humanitarian Pause

Top stories: 1) Israel calls on the United Nations and International Actors to help facilitate the orderly transit of Palestinians from the town of...

U.S. Objects To An IDF Offensive In Rafah; Germany To Support Red Sea Operation

Top stories: 1) The IDF deepens its operational successes, as it hunts for Hamas leaders in the southern Gaza Strip. 2) The Biden Administration...

The Middle East: Geo-Political and Strategic Intricacies – Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio

The Middle East in the winter of 2024 is testimony to the old mix of change and continuity. Many of the actors and factors...

Israel ‘War Objectives Within Reach’; Congress Fails To Pass Aid Bill For IDF

Top stories: 1) Israel remains unwavering, in-spite of mounting international pressure, eager to achieve its war-objectives – to completely eradicate the Islamist Hamas throughout...

Iran’s Nuclear Progress, Prospects of Breakout – Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 

The Iranian leadership seems to have adopted a cautious attitude to the current crisis in the Middle East. It has not given up on...

Israel-France Seek Resolution For Lebanon; Iran Aims To Evade Direct War

Today’s top stories: 1) The IDF is expected to defeat the Islamist Hamas in the city of Khan Younis in the near future, as...

TV7 Israel News – Sword of Iron, Israel at War – Day 119

TV Israel News War update from Jerusalem — Day 117.

TV7 Israel News – Sword of Iron, Israel at War – Day 117

TV Israel News War update from Jerusalem — Day 117.